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How to scour the rust from the kitchen knife.

I t is impossible to prevent a kitchen knife (carbon steel) from rusting.
It rusts actively for a while, especially when you start using a new Kitchen knife.

The best way to clean the kitchen knife is doing as the right picture. You wet the kitchen knife, dust pouder-clenser over it, and then scour its surface carefully with a wet cork of the wine. (Scour both sides until they are clean.)

The professional cooks also scour the rust off from the kitchen knife in the same way.

Then please wash the kitchen knife with water, and wipe it well with a dry towel.
After you repeat this process, the kitchen knife become hard to rust.

※The kitchen knife made of Stainless steel is also rust slightly. In this case, please scour the rust off in the same way.

Rust on carbon steel knife is unavoidable natural phenomenon.
Particularly a brand-new knife rusts easily.

Take care about a part of the coppery kitchen knife’s handle!

As we told you, you can preserve a naked part of the blade of the coppery knife, but about a part of the handle, the kitchen knife needs exchanging the handle by a dealer.

We usually use the kitchen knife around the water, so it is a fact that the kitchen knife can’t avoid deteriorating. There is a case that it is impossible to repair the kitchen knife, as the picture shows, it depends on the degree of the inside corrosion.

It is your precious kitchen knife, so when a symptom comes out to your kitchen knife (such as appearing a gap on the handle), we recommend you to repair it quickly.

The inside of the handle which is possible to be repaired.

The inside of the handle which is impossible to be repaired.